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A Real Estate Agent is the licensed Real Estate Company who beholds the license under the REAA 2008 to Sell Property. Whereas, a Real Estate Salesperson is licensed under the REAA 2008 who works for an agent and sells property.

Our services cater to come across as the most cost-effective services with no compromises on the quality of service. The cost of photography and advertising are the only upfront cost you pay for selling your property.

Generally, houses are sold on a commission basis which you need not worry about paying before your property is sold. You may also opt for an alternative to pay a fixed price irrespective of the sales price.

Albeit, no two properties are similar, potential buyers would propose an offer based on their knowledge of comparable prices and the emotional aspect of a property. However, ultimately, the buyer with the best offer takes the deal. 

It is essential for your licensed real estate Salesperson to inform and build within you the required confidence, well in advance, to make the right decision. It is recommended that your licensed Salesperson should be well aware of the local real estate market.

It is essential to stage your property in a fashion that it appeals to your target audience. Mindful investments to enhance the likeability of your property will indeed fetch you with more number of suitable buyers and would consequently surge the market value of your property. Your real estate Salesperson should do the work of making you aware of your best target audience to get you the best price for your property.

The reason why things sell best in their respective seasons is due to obvious reasons. The more the demand, the more will be the price of your property. Hence, your real estate Salesperson would help you figure out the right time to sell your property to procure the best value.

Since all properties are different from one another, it is quite difficult to predict the time it will take for your property to sell. Mostly, it depends on the local market and the method of selling being practised by your real estate Salesperson. As long as your property is available in the market at its most appealing season, chances are it will sell real soon.

It is essential to ascertain that your Salesperson understands and resonates with your approach towards selling your property. To make sure–

  • Not only look for licensed real estate agents but also for the licensed Salesperson therein.
  • Ascertain that your chosen Salesperson represents YOU in good faith.
  • Do your homework on a few chosen agents before finalizing one.

It is not possible for a buyer’s agent to act for both, the buyer and the seller since it arises a conflict of interest.

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